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"Huge breakthrough technologies are all bumping into each other.Smartphones, cloud computing, voice recognition, artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, collaborative workspace, crowdfunding, automation, face recognition..... Each of these ideas, on its own, has the power to shift industries.........." Daniel Priestly Entrepreneur Revolution


The earth cries out for REAL entrepreneurs to stand up and lead, offering creative solutions to the challenges of today. Often times climate change, spiralling unemployment, plagues and conflicts takes our eyes off the human need. We therefore need to leap-frog, to curtail the tide, & touch our communities in a meaningful way. This Total Community Mobilization hence needs to appropriate the benefits of the digital revolution, and creates a market to billions seeking goods and services.

It is imperative for communities to leverage technology and bring global opportunities at their fingertips. The Street Vendor can now operate 24/7, and connect customers world-wide using ecommerce facilities, tapping into this trillion DOLLAR vehicle.

InSite exists to mobilise thousands of entrepreneurs nationally & millions internationally. This Botswana based outfit is mindful that societal values are key, & further, that it starts with one person who will run, & others will follow. The legacy of Botswana is schools, churched, university, road networks, dams, and cooperatives that were community based. This learning is going to be replicated globally!

Consultancy Services For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs



Billions of products & services are sold every second. We will walk you through the Brand Management process, to enable your product to target its nitche effectively.

Digitized Experiance


The global e-commerce market size is estimated at over $10 Trillion. Your optimised landing page positions you to tap into this market, targeting billions of consumers worldwide.

Digital Marketing


Consumers are present at the click of a button. Our array of video animations puts you in good stead to stand out from the rest.

Customer is Boss


Our digital customer relation tools will update you daily on the state of your business, & client’s loyalty & expectations.


Raising up the Next Generation

The youth is currently restless because the job sector has undergone a transformation. Digitization, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data & the attendant technologies have disrupted the world of work as we know it. This new normal is not slowing down anytime soon. Our responsibility as a people is to come along side our youth, leverage their exuberance & smarts, giving access to digital tools to enable them to also participate in global commerce.

Our Approach To Business


The burning passion of this platform is to give ENTREPRENEURS, especially youth entrepreneurs, a fighting chance as they trade within the global economy. The burden of InSite is levelling the playing field when it comes to marketing a BRAND, be it a good or  a service. We aim to equip our clients with knowledge & understanding. Our tools will assist them to measure the pulse of the trading space though market intelligence audits, the engagement of their team, perceptions of users of the product and services, and leveraging digital tools to achieve the BIG EASY.


CEO, InSite Corner

Frequently Asked Questions

What InSite Coaching?

InSite’s primary objective is to come along side you, guide on the bigger picture, then get out of the way to enable yourselves to dominate in your respectve business. InSite is further mindful that one cannot tamper with a novel idea, or burning passion. Our role will be to support and guide.

What if I do not have time for business coaching?

That right there may be the reason why you need business coaching. The principle is that you WORK HARD, but also PLAY HARD, to firstly avoid burn out, & secondly, to strategise on conquoring new frontiers. The business should not own you. Leadership will allow you to build a team of wise & diligent women & men carrying your spirit, to do business when you are not available.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

No. We are available to walk beside you at the start of your journey. Further, our service is unique because we place reliance of digital tools which assist us to do more with less, at very competitive prices. Our etho is to build on the right FOUNDATION, which will support the structure as the business expands..

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Yes. We have monthly plans assisting with challenge solving solutions, whilst YOU focus on the core business of making same profitable. We will hence suggest regulatory, financial, branding and marketing solutions, to insulate your business.  

Do You Invest In Startup Companies?

We currencly do not invest in start-ups. We however occassionally embark on crowdfunding activities to raise funds for Youth Entrepreneurs.



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